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2024 Retirement Celebration

2024 Retirement Celebration
Melissa Reese

Please help us congratulate our 2024 retirees for a lifetime of dedication to the students and families in the Allentown School District. There is no way to possibly measure the impact you have had, and we are eternally grateful for sharing your incredible talents and finishing your career in Allentown.

Together this group has amassed 1,398 years of service to the District. 

Every one of you will be deeply missed! 



  • Donna Keeney, Ramos Elementary School
  • Beth Mohylsky, Administration Center
  • Heather Snyder, 21st Century Assistant Coordinator

Child Nutrition Services

  • Karen Galloway, Washington Elementary School
  • Carmen Rosado, Ramos Elementary School
  • Karen Sodl, Raub Middle School


  • Mercedes Gonzalez, Newcomer Academy
  • Diane Hanley, Ramos Elementary School
  • Diane Scholl, Union Terrace Elementary School
  • Janet Lehman, Administration Center
  • Donna Weeks, Administration Center

Custodial / Maintenance

  • Louie Acevedo, Washington Elementary School
  • Daniel Carden, Lehigh Parkway Elementary School


  • Melany Keys, Ramos Elementary School


  • Terri Lynn Begany, Ritter Elementary School
  • Mary Jo Budwash, Muhlenberg Elementary School
  • Daisy Cartagena, Administration Center
  • Debra Hofacker, Mosser Elementary School
  • Angela Jones, Raub Middle School
  • Christine Kling, Raub Middle School
  • Christina Krobath, Jackson Elementary School
  • Jane Lilly, Jefferson Elementary School
  • Nancy Mann, Dodd Elementary School
  • Fern Monaco, Raub Middle School
  • Joan Reinert, Muhlenberg Elementary School
  • Cathy Ann Richards, Jefferson Elementary School
  • Angela Thompson, Roosevelt Elementary School


  • Gary DeRosa, Ramos Elementary School


  • Janice Altieri, Union Terrace Elementary School
  • John Annoni, Trexler Middle School
  • William Baird, Dieruff High School
  • Robin Bieber, Dieruff High School
  • Lucy Brody, Ramos Elementary School
  • Alexandra Chorney, Sheridan Elementary School
  • Myreta Churba, Administration Center
  • Diane Conlon, Union Terrace Elementary School
  • Lidia Cordero, Administration Center
  • Jen Cramer, Muhlenberg Elementary School
  • Magalie Danier-O’Connor, Secondary Newcomer Academy
  • Jill Detres, Hays Elementary School
  • Gerard Epler William Allen High School
  • Karen Goldner, Trexler Middle School
  • Luisa Gruver, William Allen High School
  • Maureen Hirsch, Mosser Elementary School
  • Suzanne Hoffstetter, William Allen High School
  • Melissa Kirchner, Hays Elementary School
  • Christine Kraynik, Hays Elementary School
  • Michelle Krueger, Union Terrace Elementary School
  • James Kucharczuk, Trexler Middle School
  • Stephanie Latshaw, Trexler Middle School
  • Melinda Lucas, Administration Center
  • MaryAlice Matzo, Dieruff High School
  • Stacey Mondschein, Dieruff High School
  • Katherine Paskewicz, Dieruff High School
  • Kathleen Perinotto, Sheridan Elementary School
  • Colleen Radocha, Jefferson Elementary School
  • Irma Rivera, South Mountain Middle School
  • Robert Sieger, Dodd Elementary School
  • Patricia Tinsman-Schaffer, Dieruff High School
  • John Warminsky, South Mountain Middle School
  • Mary White, Central Elementary School
  • Cheryl Wilmott, William Allen High School