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Veteran’s Interviewed

Veteran’s Interviewed

Our 5th Grade students spent part of their morning on October 4 with local veterans in preparation for Ritter’s annual program “Honoring Our Veterans.” They enjoyed meeting and learning from veterans – both men and women – who ranged in ages from 23 to 97 and who represented all branches of the United States military. The veterans shared their memories and many brought items with them to show the students from their service to our country. Their service ranged from seeing combat World War II to the war in Afghanistan; to serving in medical units.

The interviews will be turned into project display pieces that will be shared and displayed at our Veteran’s Day gathering. These are the culmination of Ritter’s social studies curriculum and set the stage for all students to have a better understanding of the true meaning and impact the armed forces have had on the United States and on the lives of the veterans.

The veterans who participated in our interviews will be the special honorees of this school-wide Veteran’s program on November 4.

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